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Holiday Baking Part II

So…since the Pumpkin Cream Cheese bars were less then stellar, taste wise for us, I continued on the hunt for another bar recipe!! I came across this Chewy Peanut Butter Brownie recipe, and thought…how can you go wrong with peanut butter right? Never!! These were ridiculously delicious. Super peanut buttery flavour (mind you I doubled the peanut butter measurement :D). To describe it best, it tasted like a brownie shaped chewy peanut butter cookie. OMG doesn’t even cover it. Totally omnomnom-worthy!! If you love PB as much as we do, you’ll definitely love this recipe. It’s easy to make and bakes in about 30mins. This one’s definitely a keeper, for a quick sweet treat any time of year, and may be added to my holiday baking this year!!

Chewy Peanut Butter Brownies

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

Got The Holiday Baking Bug!!

On Monday I had the urge, to finally make some Christmas Spritz cookies. I’ve never made them before, so I thought I’d do a test run. They turned out pretty good!! They’re buttery and melt in your mouth…very omnomnom-worthy 🙂 I will have to bake them a few minutes less next time though, as 7 minutes seems too long for these particular cookies. I’ll also have to double up the flavouring, as I didn’t taste it at all. Otherwise, this recipe is a keeper!!

Spritz Cookies

Another test run I did on Tuesday, was for this recipe, for Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars. I was really excited to try these, as the combination sounds super nummy!! Unfortunately, for me, it just didn’t cut it. It wasn’t as flavourful as I thought it would be. I may try these again, in an 8×8 pan, instead of the 9×13 I used. For now though it’s in the maybe pile, and I’m still on the hunt, for a dessert bar recipe to make for Christmas!!

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bars

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Is Back!!

It’s that time of year again!! 🙂 So the hubby and I got our first, tall Peppermint Mocha with light whip, of the season this past Sunday . Oh, how we’ve missed you!! We’ll also be enjoying their Gingerbread, Egg Nog and Caramel Brule lattes too, as the season goes on.

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

Czehoski – November 2, 2013

(photo thanks to On The Fourth Floor blog)

Thanks to a Buytopia voucher, my hubby and I tried out Czehoski. Every time we’d pass by the weathered sign of this once butcher shop, we’ve wanted to check it out. So, the second I saw there was a deal for this place, I jumped on it!!

We started off with the Blue Crab Cakes and Warm Olives. The crab cakes were great!! They were all crab meat, with a very thin, crisp coating. The garlic aioli I wasn’t fond of, but the chili aioli was nice and spicy!! The olives were also good, and you get a LOT. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the fennel, but everything else in the warm olives were yummy 🙂

Then we both decided on the Mac’n’Cheese, consisting of, cheddar stout rarebit sauce and Ontario curds. This was a seriously awesome mac’n’cheese. The creaminess of the cheddar, was only slightly upstaged, by the ooey gooey cheese curds that was at the bottom of the bowl. So, every time you took a forkful, you’d get a bit of the cheesy curd goodness!! It was also a very good portion, that you could cut in half, but when it’s this yummy – we couldn’t help ourselves and finished it all.

We will definitely pay Czehoski’s a visit again, as the prices were ok, for the portions you get. There’s a lot of other dishes we’d like to try, such as the Pulled Pork Poutine, Nachos and Pulled Pork Mac’n’Cheese!! So, if you’re ever in the Trinity-Bellwoods area, definitely give them a try – I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…


Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂