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Happy Easter!! From Our Family to Yours…

And with the blessings of Easter, comes a day filled with yummy food – am I right?! 😀 Nothing says Easter like a simple ham dinner, and so we had just that!! With smashed potatoes made, with Philly Garlic and Herb cooking cream, and a bit of milk. I do need to make smashed potatoes with Boursin cheese, as I’ve heard rave reviews about it. Next time!! We also had a nummy side of seasoned roasted broccoli, which roasts in 15mins at 450 degrees.


Of course, no Easter dinner is complete without dessert!! And I decided to make a Chocolate Fudge cake with chocolate frosting, decorated with Cadbury Mini Eggs 🙂 Now, I know it’s easy to make a cake from scratch, but I did have this Betty Crocker cake mix that was screaming to be made. And I always buy the frosting for the sheer convenience, and ease of use. Put these ingredients all together and voila!!

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

Mac’n’Cheese Hot Dog…Yummy or No?

So, yesterday my hubby and I were at a Toronto Rock Lacrosse game. It was the first time I’d ever been to one, and I do believe I’m a fan now!! Very fast paced, and exciting sport 🙂

Anyway!! My hubby and I went to grab something to eat, before the game began, and we came across one of the hot dog vendors. This vendor didn’t just have your garden variety plain Nathan’s hot dog. They had a menu of gourmet hot dogs, with a variety of toppings. From pulled pork to mac’n’cheese. After reading through the menu, we decided to try the mac’n’cheese, since we had seen it on TV before and thought it would be good. It consisted of a Nathan’s hot dog, mac’n’cheese, shredded cheese on top and spicy ketchup to finish it off. To be honest…it was OK. What’s funny is, as a kid I would have mac’n’cheese with hot dogs cut up, and loved it!! I guess I’ve out grown it, because it just didn’t have the same feeling for me when I ate it. Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t give it a try, because you may very well love it. It’s just not something I’ll have again, but that’s just me!!

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

What Was For Dinner…


Ever since my hubby and I got our new griddle/panini  press, we’ve been thinking of ways to use it. We’ve mostly used it for making breakky on the weekends, but tonight, we made chicken quesadillas!! Nothing complicated, just some good old, sauteed chicken, lots of nummy Tex-Mex shredded cheese and salsa. Placed the folded tortilla on the panini press, and let it heat through for 10mins or so. Paired it with a side salad, and voila, an easy peasy dinner for two…omnomnom!!

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!!

So, the brining is done, and now it’s on to the slow cooking goodness of the crockpot!! I layered the crockpot with small potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms and garlic. Then placed the brisket on top with sliced cabbage around it. Added a tablespoon more of the pickling spices, 1 can of Kilkenny ale and water until almost covering the brisket. I then set it on LOW for 8hrs.

Once it was done, it wasn’t much to look at, but the brisket turned out really yummy!! The veggies were good too, but next time I’ll cook them less. I’ll definitely make this again, for the pure simplicity of it, and the omnomnom goodness!!

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

Brining for St. Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is this coming Sunday, and my hubby and I are attempting to brine a brisket, to make corned beef and cabbage. This will be our first time, so we’re hoping for the best LOL Now to let the brine cool off over night, before we soak the brisket in it, until Sunday. We used the recipe below for the brine…easy peasy lemon squeezy!!

How to Cure Your Own Corned Beef

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

Maple Season is Here!!

And what better way to celebrate it, then with a maple cupcake, from Metro’s bakery? A vanilla cupcake, with a light chocolate frosting and drizzle of maple…omnomnom. If you live near a Metro grocery store, get yourself in there now, while they have a whole bunch of maple baked goodies!!

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

Krispy Kreme Oreo Donuts

Last Saturday, we were driving by Krispy Kreme, and the light was on!!  Just. couldn’t. resist. So, we got in line, as the light is like a beacon calling people to come in LOL We decided to give the Oreo donuts a try, along with a lemon filled one, as I had never had one of those…if you can believe it. Now, we didn’t eat all 3 at once…that would be…excessive LOL We had each one on a different day. We first had the cream filled Oreo crumble donut, with a light chocolate filling. Not too bad. We next tried the lemon filled, and I have to say, I didn’t like it so much. I think I prefer the plain hole donuts better. Then we finally had the chocolate cake donut with Oreo crumble and cream on top. I preferred that one over the cream filled one, but again, it wasn’t anything special. Ah well…at least I can say I’ve tried it!!

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂