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Tim Hortons Maple Iced Cappuccino?? Yes Please!!


When I got the email, from Timmy’s that they had come out with it, we had to give it a try. If you’ve ever had a regular Iced Capp from Timmy’s it’s nummy on it’s own. Add maple to the mix and it makes it better!! Of course I’m biased, as I love maple anything. If you have a love for maple too, then I suggest you give it a try!! Not sure how long it’ll be around for, as it’s a seasonal flavour…

Cheers Everyone!! 🙂

Starbucks Maple Macchiato

March is ALL about Maple flavoured everything, and of course, Starbucks is getting in on action too. Now, if you’re a macchiato fan already, I think you’ll like this drink. I do like macchiatos, but with this one, I didn’t really taste any maple flavour – except for a bit of the drizzle on top 😦 So for me, it was disappointing, especially since I’ve enjoyed other flavoured macchiatos from them before. Glad I had a 25% off coupon, and at least I can say, I gave it a try!!

Cheers Everyone 🙂

Natrel Maple Milk

Saw this a while back, and wanted to give it a try, when it went on sale. Then last week, it was on sale, so we bought one. In a nutshell, it tastes like maple flavoured milk LOL It’s not bad to drink on its own as a flavoured milk, but being that it’s high in sugar, I won’t be having it very often!! We also used it when making homemade pancakes last weekend, and though I didn’t notice the flavour in the pancakes, they didn’t taste bad either LOL If you love maple, as much as I do, I think you’ll like it too. But it’s definitely a treat!!

Cheers Everyone 🙂

Maple is in the Air Again!!

Time sure flies doesn’t it? I swear my hubby and I were just at last year’s Maple Festival. Can’t wait to go again this year too 🙂 Until then though…there’s maple lattes to keep us happy. And Second Cup’s version is a very nummy one at that!! It has just the right amount of maple to espresso ratio, so if you’re a maple lover, head over to your local Second Cup. It’s only here for a limited time…

Cheers Everyone 🙂

Maple Porter…Seems I’m Not a Fan…Boo.

A few nights ago, we had ordered pizza, because hey…a girl needs to feed her pizza craving!! And what goes better with pizza, then beer, am I right?! 😀 While at the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario), we saw this Nickel Brook Maple Porter. Since the Pumpkin beer we had in the fall was pretty yummy, I was expecting the same from this one. Not so much 😦 First off, a porter for me, is too strong. And there was no trace of maple flavour. I was sad. And lesson learned. But, onward and upward with our quest to find yummy tasting flavoured beers!!

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

Maple Season is Here!!

And what better way to celebrate it, then with a maple cupcake, from Metro’s bakery? A vanilla cupcake, with a light chocolate frosting and drizzle of maple…omnomnom. If you live near a Metro grocery store, get yourself in there now, while they have a whole bunch of maple baked goodies!!

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂