Archive | September 2016

Starbucks Double Shot Espresso Over Ice

Tried this earlier in the summer, and it’s been our go-to ever since. My hubby and I love the strong flavour, especially with cream. We drink ours with no syrups, but you can put any flavour you like in it. If you’re into espresso, I highly recommend this drink.

Bon Appetit Everyone!! 🙂 

President’s Choice Greek Coconut Yogurt with Milk Chocolate Chips 

Omnomnom!! We bought this on sale this past week, to give it a try and WOW!! I love the combo of coconut and milk chocolate. One of the combos just made for each other. Of course it’s expensive for 4 cups, but can be made cheaper, by buying coconut Greek yogurt and chocolate chips. We already bought a container of Liberte Mediterranee’s coconut Greek yogurt, and just need to grab some mini chocolate chips. This is our new guilty pleasure!! If you like this combo yourself, give it a try…

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂