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Spicy Slow Cooked Chili

This is what I decided to make this week, for our big pot meal!! Since we’re in the middle of winter, we always love making chili to warm up with 🙂 I found this recipe on, which looked to be a basic recipe, that you can add to with whatever you like. I personally have never used tomato sauce when makin chili, but there’s a first time for everythin right?! So, I used Hunt’s Thick & Rich Spicy Red Pepper & Chilies Tomato Sauce, and it worked really well 🙂

Spicy Slow Cooked Chili

The recipe looks like it makes a thick chili. But, my hubby and I love a chili with a bit more liquid in it, so I added 2 cups of beef broth. I also added cumin, more cayenne pepper and chili powder then it calls for, 1 jalapeno (seeded) and we had leftover bacon so we added that too. After cooking on High for 4hrs, I served it over tortilla chips, and garnished with shredded cheese and sour cream…omnomnom!! If you’re a lover of chili, I’d recommend this recipe. If you liked it as much as we did, I’m sure you’ll add it to your repotoire too.

Bon Appetit Everyone!! 🙂

Gerry Flintstone Dip

When I first heard of this, from a friend, I was like…’what?!’ LOL But I was told that it was amazing. So I looked it up and found the recipe, through the Today’s Parent Forum to try out, for Super Bowl sunday a few weekends back. It was pretty simple to make, and even though we made it without the bread bowl the original recipe calls for, it still turned out very yummy!! Mind you, what ISN’T yummy, when bacon and cheese is involved right?! 😉 I’d definitely recommend you try this out for yourselves, as I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!!

Gerry Flintstone Dip

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

Valentine’s Treats…Courtesy of Krispy Kreme!!

My hubby surprised me, and brought these scrumptious goodies home for us yesterday…omnomnom!! The Chocolate Iced Heart is basically their Chocolate Iced Kreme Filled donut, but in the shape of a cute heart 🙂  The Double Chocolate is basically their Chocolate Iced Glazed with a swirl of chocolate cream in the centre…pure nummy evilness!! These donuts are available at Krispy Kreme until tomorrow (Valentine’s Day – February 14), so get them while they last 🙂

Bon Appetit Everyone!!