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HOLY Wasabi Batman!!

We had bought this at the Lindt Outlet Store, as the idea of it sounded yummy. BOY were we WRONG. Wasabi does NOT go with chocolate at all, and we like wasabi, so this was truly surprising to us. If you’re a wasabi lover, I’d say try it? But, if you’re not, keep away…it’s a waste of money. We’ll just stick to having wasabi with nummy sushi instead…

Bon Appetit Everyone ­čÖé

Lunch at Jack Astor’s – Friday October 19, 2012

So, yesterday my BFF and I stopped for lunch, at Jack Astor’s. I ordered the Jerk Pork and she ordered the Lamb Kafta.

Mine was OK. The pineapple salsa was great, but you can’t go wrong with pineapple in my book!! The jerk marinade on the pork had a bit of kick, not as much as I’m used to, when my hubby makes it at home though. The rice and peas that came with it though was SUPER bland ­čśŽ Not sure if they did that, to bring out the flavour of the jerk pork more, but it was disappointing.

(Photo courtesy of Christine R. on Yelp)

As for my BFF’s Lamb Kafta…it was a disaster!! It tasted like overly salted sausage,┬áwith confused seasoning.┬áThe spices weren’t Mediterranean, or even┬áMiddle Eastern. The clueless waiter ‘thought’ it may be┬áGreek, but it wasn’t even close. So, I’m guessing it was a badly executed Tandoori seasoning, because of┬áthe red colour. And although I love┬áTandoori chicken, when it came to the ‘Lamb Kafta’ the colour was SO off-putting…at least for me. She was a trooper and ate most of it, to give it a chance, but that’s a dish I’ll NEVER order there.

We’ve been to Jack Astor’s numerous times over the years, and back when they first opened they had some pretty good dishes. Now it seems, ever since they’ve gone the ‘chi-chi’ route, with the ‘upscale’ decor and novel-length menu. They should’ve stuck to the no nonsense menu they had before.┬áUnfortunately Jack Astor’s is really disappointing me, more and more, each time I go ­čśŽ I do hate writing┬ánegative reviews for places, but sometimes, it’s just plain justified.┬áOf course it’s up to all of you, to decide for yourselves right?! You may enjoy Jack Astor’s, more then I do, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!!

Bon Appetit Everyone ­čÖé