Baking Season is Here…Hooray!!

As Christmas creeps every closer, my baking bug kicks into over drive, and my mind races trying to figure out what to make this year. I came across a Fudge Crinkle cookie recipe, and knew I had to give it a try. Now, being the naive baker that I apparently am, I had NO idea that you could use cake mix to make cookies. I…KNOW…I was like ‘whaaaa?’ too!! You definitely can, and the cookies that come out of it, are super nummy!! They’re soft and not hard or crispy (unless you overbake)…BONUS 😀 The photo above is from the first batch I made, for my hubby to take to work, as gifts for his bosses and friends. They came out good, but the second batch I made for Christmas baking gifts for family, looked MUCH prettier with the use of ganulated sugar. I TOTALLY recommend rolling them in granulated sugar – hands down. I also added 1/2 a cup, of peanut butter chips, to bump up the numminess factor 😀 They’re also REALLY quick and easy (only 4 ingredients) to make too, so once you’re used to making them, you’ll be munching on them within 15-20mins…omnomnom.

4-Ingredient Fudge Crinkle Cookies

Bon Appetit, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!! 🙂

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