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Sassy Teas Shop in Port Credit, Mississauga – June 15, 2014

We saw this shop, while walking around the area last Sunday, and decided to go in – as it was new to us. It was a cute little tea shop and lounge, where you can enjoy a cup of tea or iced tea.

After perusing their teas, we decided to have, one of their daily special iced teas. We chose to try the Iced Green Tea with Tropical Pineapple and Fresh Strawberries. I asked for it to be unsweetened, and glad I did, because the fruit had sweetened it enough naturally. It was really good, and around $3, which is a wee bit expensive for it’s medium size. But, since it tasted so good on a warm sunny day, I let that pass!! If you’re ever in the Port Credit area, and want to check it out, it’s just passed the Starbucks on Lakeshore Road West.

Cheers Everyone!! 🙂

No Sugar Added Peach Passion Fruit Bellini Crystal Light Froster

Last weekend, when it was super hot, I was really craving a Slushie. I used to get Diet Coke Slushies years ago, from 7-11, but they don’t seem to have it anymore 😦 My hubby and I stopped at a near by Mac’s Milk store, and I saw they had this one on tap. I was intrigued!! The no sugar added part, was what sold it for me initially, but the taste closed the deal. It was yummy!! Yes, it was a bit more sweet then a regular sugar Froster, but you expect that from a sugar free drink sweetened by Sucralose. I’ll definitely have it again, the next time I’m craving one, since I like to have these in moderation LOL

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂