Lunch in Niagara-on-the-Lake

We spent the afternoon, walking around the area last Saturday, when we stopped at Stagecoach Family Restaurant. We had never eaten there, but it was one of the places that was way more affordable, as it was a diner…our kind of place!!

After reviewing their menu, I decided on the grilled bacon and cheese, with a side of fries with gravy. Initially they told me they make their grilled cheeses with sliced cheese. But, when I asked if they could do it with shredded cheese, they obliged – awesome. They used a mixture of shredded cheddars, which oozed with ooey gooey goodness…omnomnom. The side of fries were fresh cut and unsalted – just the way we like it!! It was reasonably priced as well, at around $8 (gravy was extra), including the fries…YES.

So if you’re ever in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and you’re hungry, I would definitely recommend you check out the Stagecoach Family Restaurant!!

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

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