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Finally Made the Long Awaited Peach Crisp I’ve Been Talking About!!

Peaches. How could you possibly not love the peach? They’re juicy and super sweet, and hold up really well to baking – a gem of a fruit if you ask me!!

Now, the peach crisp recipe I used came with instructions, on how to easily peel the peaches. Since my hubby and I love the skin, and I’m not into having to peel them anyway, I sliced up and cooked them down like I did with the compote. After that, I placed them into the baking dish and covered them with the crumble, before placing it into the oven 🙂

After about 30mins, in a 350 degree oven, the crisp was done!! Don’t mind the leakage 😉 Some of the nummy juices crept through the topping while baking LOL

It turned out great!! By no fault of the recipes I used (I used 2), the only thing I’ll change next time is cutting the amount of orange juice, and honey used to cook down the peach slices by half. That’s it. Other then that, the crisp turned out great!! I’ll definitely be adding this one to my recipe binder for the future 🙂

Fresh Peach Compote

Peach Crisp

Bon Appetit Everyone!! 🙂