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Hello world!!

I had started a blog, on Tumblr at the suggestion of a family member. But ever since I got my new BlackBerry Torch, the Tumblr app isn’t available for it 😦 So, I had to find another blog, that was just as easy to use – with a downloadable app for it. Enter WordPress!! After reading up on it, I decided to start a new blog here 🙂

My favourite things to do are cook, bake, go out on epicurian adventures with my family and friends, photography and now blogging 🙂 Also,  anyone who knows me, knows I WILL travel for food!! So, why not blog about all my favourite things to do in one spot? I hope to post as often as possible with photos, recipes to share, opinions on places I may go to, and anything else that tickles my fancy 🙂

Bon Appetit Everyone!! 🙂