Off The Hook Gourmet Fish’n’Chips

Thanks to another deal voucher, my hubby and I checked this place out. They’re located just south of Danforth on Broadview, in a small location, with a few eat-in seats.

After perusing the menu, we decided to start with the gluten free fried calamari with cucumber cilantro dipping sauce. It was ok…fried calamari is still a hit and miss food for me. I have yet to have some that blows me away, but I keep trying nonetheless. Maybe I just like grilled calamari better? Who knows!! The breading was light…but slightly on the tasteless side? Maybe that’s what I didn’t like about it? But that’s just me!! You could love it right? 🙂

We then ordered the halibut with fries, creamy coleslaw and chipotle mayo dipping sauce. HOLY halibut!! The piece was big…for me at least, and it came with a good amount of fries. Since I had eaten fried calamari before hand, I did take the top half of the batter off the halibut. The fish was perfectly cooked in it’s batter shell, that was crisp and light. It was the kind that wasn’t overly thick, so that the fish itself gets lost in it – ya know? The coleslaw was lightly creamy…just the way I like it!! The fries were hand cut and that’s the best kind 🙂 And the chipotle mayo dipping sauce was SPICY!! But we enjoyed it 🙂 They do have a list of other dipping sauces, including traditional tartar sauce, so no need to fear!! Though it is a bit pricy, at $13…well…let me rephrase that…it’s a bit pricy for us LOL Over all it tasted good, and if I went there again, I’d order the halibut again or give the mahi mahi  a try. So, if you you’re ever in the area, make a note to visit Off the Hook 🙂

Off the Hook Gourmet Fish’n’Chips

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

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