Firdous Classic Persian Grill – September 10, 2012

Last night, we took another foodie adventure, with a deal voucher. You all know by now, I’m a deal voucher junkie, and will try anywhere with one!! Since my hubby came home late, and we ended up walking late, we decided to go to Firdous to grab dinner. If you’ve ever had Mediterranean style food at all, you’ll like Firdous as well. Lots of grilled meats to choose from…beef kebobs, beef kaufte (ground meat), chicken kebobs,  and lamb chops. We chose to get the chicken kebobs, with rice, salad and whole wheat naan. The food was good, and wasn’t super salty, like the last place that was in their location – with similar food. But they didn’t stay open very long, so that should say something about them. We brought our food home, but they do have some seating, if you want to eat-in. We’ll definitely go back, as you get a good amount for $10/pp. We only ate half, and will have the second half on another day, with a salad made at home to go with it.

Firdous Classic Persian Grill

Bon Appetit Everyone!! 🙂

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