Jeanie’s Resto Bar & Pool Lounge – September 4, 2012


We had decided to not cook at home, and take advantage of another one, of our many deal vouchers we have 🙂 So we chose to go to Jeanie’s, as it’s a place we’ve always passed by, and wondered what it was like.

It happened to be $4 margarita and Corona day, so my hubby and I gave in and ordered one 🙂 The margarita was a bit too sweet for me, so I ended up only drinking half of it.

After deliberating, for what seemed like forever, we finally decided to just get some apps for dinner. It’s amazing how little you get for $30 these days, but we decided on 2lbs of wings and potato skins to share. Now, bar food is bar food, so I can’t say much about either. Other then the fact that the wings were cooked and sauced well, we chose half medium and half sweet chili. The potato skins were just plain nummy because they were also fried…omnomnom. More so then anything, the company and conversation were the stars of the evening, as the bar was somewhat quiet – other then the mini poker tourney going on in the back. I can’t say anything, about the rest of the menu, as we didn’t try any of the entrees or burgers. But if you just want, good ol’ bar food with your beverage, Jeanie’s does the trick 🙂

Jeanie’s Resto Bar & Pool Lounge

Bon Appetit Everyone!! 🙂

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