Sour Cherry Pie!!

When my hubby and I had gone to Kensington Market, to eat at The Burger Bar, we stopped into Wanda’s Pie in the Sky. It’s a glorious little bake shop, with many different fruit, cream, custard and nut pies. There’s also other sweets to choose from, such as cookies and squares. On this day though, we chose to buy a small, 2 person sour cherry pie. We had bought the same pie, last year, when we first discovered them. It’s a wonderful combination of buttery crust, sour cherries and the right amount of sugar to balance it out…omnomnom 🙂

If you’re ever in the Kensington area, and are hankering for something sweet, stop into Wanda’s Pie in the Sky. I’m sure you’ll find something to satisfy your sweet tooth 😉

Wanda’s Pie in the Sky

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

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