Kensington Burger Bar – Sunday June 17th 2012

So, Hubby and I went to the Kensington Burger Bar, this past Saturday. We used a deal voucher I had bought, and it was the last weekend to do so.  I had been there before with my BFF, and we had the Market Burger. Unfortunately, it was a bit too salty for my liking, but I was willing to give them another try anyway.

We decided to have, the Rapini with toasted garlic, lemon and olive oil. It was simple and really good. I’ll definitely be making it at home 🙂

We then decided on sharing the ‘Lyon’ Burger, with goats cheese, arugula and dijon – with a side of sweet potato fries. It was REALLY good. The patty wasn’t salty at all, and it just tasted of pure beef – the way I like it 🙂 The creaminess of the goats cheese, the peppery goodness of the arugala and the spicy tang of the dijon all came together really well. Would definitely have that burger again for sure!!

The sweet potato fries were all right and my GOD you got a lot!! We left half of it, since there was so much LOL Unfortunately, they had salted them too much, for my liking. It seems, it’s hit and miss, when it comes to salt at the Burger Bar. The homemade chipotle ketchup wasn’t bad either. You could tell it was made in house, as it wasn’t super sweet like commercial ketchup, and the chipotle gave a nice little kick to it 🙂

All in all, it was a pretty decent experience. I’d recommend you check them out, the next time you’re in the Kensington area, as you never know – there may be something on their menu you enjoy!!

The Burger Bar

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

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