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Pho Me!!

My hubby and I had Pho for dinner on Friday night at Pho 99. Nothing beats chicken, rare beef and tendon pho, fresh shrimp rolls (the photo above isn’t from our restaurant, as we gobbled ours up before I remembered I wanted to take a photo of it LOL) and mango bubble tea…omnomnom!! I know the pho isn’t anything spectacular to look at, but if you’ve never had it, it’s a MUST try. The combination of flavours are simple, but fabulously delicious – I recommend everyone tries it at least once. My hubby and I limit it, by going once every week or so, as it’s very high in sodium…but too nummy to completely give up!!

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

Peach Season’s in Full Swing!!

We had a bunch of peaches that were getting too ripe, so I searched for an easy recipe, and found this one on Brown Foodies’ WordPress blog (Thank you!!) for peach compote. The recipe called for cherries, but I opted to use dried cranberries instead 🙂

Brown Culinary Palate Fresh Peach Compote

So for dessert last night, I put the compote on top of, a mini angel food cake with strawberries…omnomnom!! 🙂

Dessert Tonight…Mini Angel Food Cake with Strawberries and Chocolate Syrup

Angel food cake + strawberries + chocolate syrup = HEAVEN. It’s just a plain awesome combination…omnomnom!! Now, I wish I could say that I made the angel food cakes myself, but alas I did not. We saw these at Costco, and they’re not too bad for store bought. Nice and light and a perfect size for dessert.

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

Mmm…White Bean Chili

Last week’s big pot meal was a white bean chili I made in the crockpot. It was SPIIIIICY, but so good!! I took this stove top recipe, minus the yogurt, oregano, cilantro, adding lots of cumin and cayenne pepper. I just threw all the ingredients into the crockpot instead, of making it on the stove top, because I’m ALL about my crockpot!!

Skinny Ms. White Bean Chili

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂

Viet Summer Fest 2012 @ Celebration Square

We were passing by Celebration Square, and noticed that there was some kind of festival going on. So, after our walk around the mall, we decided to check it out, and saw that it was the Viet Summer Fest.

We noticed there were 2 food stalls serving Vietnamese fare. So, we bought a beef ball skewer and a couple of spring rolls first. Unfortunately we gobbled those up before I remembered I didn’t take a photo LOL We then saw that they were also making fresh chicken spring rolls, and we wanted to try them out too. They were overflowing with rice noodles, cilantro and mint, which was a great combination. Personally, I prefer the shrimp version, but this chicken one wasn’t too bad either. They were also serving Vietnamese sandwiches, whiched look scrumptious, but by the time we noticed them we were already full LOL We’ll have to check them out next year for sure!!

Bon Appetit Everyone 🙂